Glam Skin (20 count)

Glam Skin (20 count)

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Glam Skin is our transparent, easy clean up, disposable, latex free, transfer body heat to warm up products, reduce the spread of bacteria, hygienic hand palette.

Your hands can remain clean with this large size “skin” that covers the entire back of your hand. It is waterproof and super easy to use. You can mix products , powders, creams and liquids in a breeze. 

These are perfect for the everyday woman to pro Mua!


How to use:

1. Peel off larger white piece first and place Glam Skin on desired area. One press and it’s in place and waterproof. 
2. If you have longer nails and it’s difficult to remove, you can leave the small white tab on for easy removal after usage. If not, remove prior to taking off top pieces to ensure seal.

3. Remove the two top pieces off and Glam Skin is ready to be used.