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ADVANCE playing with colors

 Are you having trouble with blending colors together or a cut crease? 


In this class you will learn the purpose and techniques (how to and blending)  to ensure the most precise cut crease and color placement. 

If you have hooded eyes, small eye space perfect, this class will teach you how to open your lid space using neutral colors for a soft glam, date night look. 

PLEASE make sure you use the camera on your phone. Do not use an iPad, tablet or computer. 

Please have a light source in the front of you. Preferably a 18in ring light, a LED light, bathroom light or natural sunlight. 
Please be seated directly in front of your camera so that I can see you clearly. (Not off to the side of you, but eye level) at a vanity, desk or table with all of your supplies ready to learn.

*be sure to follow us on FB,  leave your email address where all class info will be sent*