TAMED Brow Control Soap

TAMED Brow Control Soap

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It’s the edge control for your brows!

What make our formula different and unique:
1. It is SCENTED. It smells amazing.
2. It has key ingredients that promote the growth of your brows.
3. You can use it dry, and it goes on like a wax.
Use it wet, and it goes on like a gel.
4. Good for 3 years.
5. 15 grams of product. It will last a very long time.
6. Did we mention that it smells absolutely amazing.

Lashing Out Glam is HOME of the SCENTED BROW Soap…

it has key ingredients that’s going to promote the growth of your brow hair and condition them as well. 


*We recommend to only use water or our Delicate Rose Water to spray spoolie. Do not spray directly on the soap. Keep lid closed when not in use.