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Pink Press’d Fusion Sponge
Pink Press’d Fusion Sponge

Pink Press’d Fusion Sponge

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I am BLUSHing. Our Press’d Fusion Sponge has been tickled PINK! 


The Press’d Fusion Sponge is a 2-N-1 (sponge + brush)  technology for a flawless, airbrushed makeup application. This a MUST HAVE in your makeup kit!! It was created to blend effortlessly! From an everyday, natural glam to a Lasting Out Glam this sponge was created just for you! 

With its velvety soft fibers, Press’d works like a brush, allowing you to sweep products onto the face streak free. The dual layer fibers grip the product without absorbing it. Its  spongey core give you the freedom to use it wet for more natural, dewy to full coverage applications or dry for a more full coverage, airbrushed finished. Blending is now made easy and flawless for beginners to Pro Makeup Artist!  Press’d can be used wet or dry with liquids, creams and powders! It will literally cut your makeup application time in (up to) half the time and you will use up to 50% less product! 


Materials: Hydrophilic Polyurethane, Anti-Microbial Microfibers. Latex Free. Cruelty Free. Vegan.


How To Use:

1. Saturate - wet sponge with water.

2. Squeeze - under running water, squeeze sponge about 3-4 times until sponge has doubled in size. Then squeeze out any excess water.

3. Slay - Press your favorite foundation unto skin and build your desired coverage. Then SLAY SIS!

The round bottom of sponge can be used for a complete foundation application including highlighting and contouring. The tear drop can be used for those hard to reach areas such as under the eyes, nose contour and to carve out your cheek contour. You can use the tear drop side for the entire face if you’d like and the colors will blend and not bleed into one another. This sponge was designed for a complete makeup application. Say goodbye to multiply brushes and hello to a perfect blend, flawless look, and more compliments!

 *Gently clean sponge after each use. Press’d Fusion Sponge is good for up to 3 mos. with proper care.

Allow sponge to air dry.