Graffiti Glam Liners: Entire Collection

Graffiti Glam Liners: Entire Collection

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Graffiti Glam Liners are a form of artistic expression without permission.

Our Water Activated Liners Are Here. They are matte, pigmented and smudge proof. 

There is 7 UV Pastels, 7 UV Neons, 8 Metallics, Red, Cobalt Blue, Gray, White and Black, for a total of 27 Liners! 



• Place a drop of water in the lid of the product. 
• Grab your favorite brush and dip it into the water. 

• Mix the wet brush into the product until the consistency is thick and smooth. 
• Then SLAY 

* Allow product to dry before closing the lid. 
** Please be careful around your eye area. It is not recommended for use in the waterline. 
*** Do a small patch test for possible irritation or allergic reaction.